Consultation - Clarity Assessments
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Consultation Services


As the Nigerian proverb — it takes a whole village to raise a child — suggests no one parent, educator, coach, or therapist can be solely responsible for bring a child up into a productive citizen.  To best support a child’s development the adults must work effectively together. Collaboration is especially important when the child displays delays in learning, behavioral control, and/or emotional development.


Clarity Assessments strives to support educators and parents in the implementation of interventions at school or at home. This consultation can take place in-person, over the phone, or by email. Consultation may be done informally as well as during a IEP or 504 Plan meeting.


Sometimes the learning or behavioral struggles experienced by an individual are part of a problem in larger system. Clarity Assessments is uniquely capable of analyzing school-wide data systems to better understand learning and behavioral needs as well as effective interventions.


To learn more about the consultation services available through Clarity Assessments please contact