Diagnostics - Clarity Assessments
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Diagnostic Services


The ultimate goal of all parents and educators is to develop the mind of healthy and happy children. However, the learning of individuals can of be hampered by a variety of processing, behavioral, and emotional problems. Often psych-educational assessments are needed to better understand the root of learning problem and to tailor an individualized solution.


Clarity Assessments provides a wide-range of diagnostic assessments aimed at improving the academic, behavioral, social, and emotional functioning of children and adolescents. Most commonly these assessments include norm-referenced and individually administered tests of intellectual functioning, cognitive processing, and academic skills. Often parents and educators — as well as student when appropriate — participate in assessments by completing standardized questionnaires.


Because every assessment is customized based on referral concern as well as the unique traits of the individual all evaluations are tailored to each student. To learn more about the diagnostic services available through Clarity Assessments please contact info@clarity-assessments.com.


For more specific answers on diagnostic services please refer to the FAQ section