FAQs for School Districts - Clarity Assessments
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What services can Clarity Assessments provide to school districts?

Clarity Assessments provides a wide range of intellectual, academic, adaptive, social, emotional, and behavioral assessments. Additionally, we are well versed in curriculum-based assessments and able to evaluate performance using universal screening tools and progress monitoring as well as individualized assessments. Further, Courtney has extensive experience working collaboratively, with parents, staff, and student, to find solutions focused on improved student learning and behavior.

What is a NCSP?

The Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP) credential recognizes school psychologists who meet rigorous national standards for graduate preparation and continuing professional development. The NCSP is administered by the National School Psychology Certification System (NSPCS; established by NASP) and is open to NASP members as well as to non members. (reference and link to NASP)

When and where are services typically provided?

Assessments are conducted on school grounds during school-hours. The school district provides a testing space to assess and notifies the parents, appropriate staff, and student of the date and time for the assessment.

Who provides testing materials?

Clarity Assessments owns a number of the most common intellectual and academic assessments. However, as Clarity Assessments often supports school district’s through staffing shortages or short-terms leave, specific assessments, owned by the district, needed to answer unique referral questions may also be used.

How are fees determined?

As district needs and policies are unique, rates are determined through individual agreements between Clarity Assessments and school districts. For specific information regarding costs please contact info@clarity-assessments.com.

How are reports submitted?

Reports are typically submitted to a specified designee as encrypted email attachments.

How is invoicing completed?

Upon completion of the entire evaluation and submission of the report, an appointee of the district, typically an administrative assistant, will receive an encrypted invoice from the Business Manage of Clarity Assessments, Trevor Bosack. As board approval drives reimbursement in most districts Clarity Assessments works to understand and meet those billing deadlines. All questions about invoices should be directed Trevor Bosack tbosack@clarity-assessments.com. All checks should be made payable to Clarity Assessments LLC.

How do I contact Clarity Assessments?

For additional information on services, fees, scheduling as well as other questions you can contact Clarity Assessments by email at info@clarity-assessments.com.