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Rock your way through School!

Rock your way through School!

The start of a new school year is almost upon us! As it approaches, families shop for supplies and attend teacher meet-and-greets. Amid all the excitement, preparation, and general hubbub we often forget to prepare our children—especially our very young children—emotionally for school. Many of us have great memories of school! Most of us enjoy our teachers and classmates, but some kiddos find school more stressful than sensational. For some, this school-year may be their first school-year; and depending on a child’s temperament ‘firsts’ are not fun. To help ease this transition for young children parents can try this simple activity. 

Pete the Cat Rocking in my School Shoes, written by James Dean and Eric Litwin, is a story of a very chilled-out kitty who is able to “rock” his way through his school-day. No matter what new experience he has, he does not worry, “goodness no”. The entire book is written to a song composed by Eric Litwin, making very it engaging for children. The song is even available for free download! It is this song that Pete sings to himself, that keeps him from worrying. Throughout the book, each time Pete experiences a new situation, instead of worrying, he focus his attention on how great the new activity is and how fun it is to do in his school shoes!

Parents of slow-to-warm-up students or kids who find school stressful may consider picking up a copy of Pete that Cat Rocking in my School Shoes while they are back-to-school shopping. By reading this book and discussing with your child that it’s okay to feel scared about starting a new school-year, it is also an opportunity to suggest that just like Pete the Cat you can change your thinking. Parents can point out that Pete doesn’t focus on what is scary or things that might happen, Pete just focuses on how much fun new activities are for him. Pete tells himself a different story, a positive story, one that makes him less afraid and able to rock-out!

This lesson could be further reinforced if it is read and discussed at the same time the child gets their new school shoes for this year. Parents could suggest to their child that if they get worried while at school, just try looking at your new school shoes and remember how Pete would handle the experience. He wouldn’t worry, goodness, no!

Link to where book can be ordered

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  • Cheryl Winkelmann
    Posted at 23:00h, 24 August

    I couldn’t agree more! As a school counselor, I often use this book to help kids reframe the way they think about all the little bumps in their road. Love your idea of parents incorporating this book in their “Back to School” routine.

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