Clarity Assessments | Testimonials
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Kristin Snell, Dean of Students & Student Services Coordinator

Harrison SD #36


“Ms. Ratliff stepped in to our small district to help us with a number of initial and triennial evaluations we needed to complete. Her role quickly became more than someone coming in to gather assessment data. She collaborated with our gen. ed., related services, and special education staff to truly understand the individual needs of each child she was evaluating. With her thorough evaluation, which included observations and interviews, she was able to provide all team members valuable feedback on how to best meet the child’s needs. Beyond psychological evaluations, she conducted a functional behavioral analysis and a behavior intervention plan. Ms. Ratliff worked closely with other staff to ensure data collection was being conducted with fidelity. Ms. Ratliff has a wealth of knowledge and someone I feel confident going to for advice on a variety of educational matters.”



Liz Borresen Ed.S., School Psychologist

Huntley Community School District #158


“Courtney Ratliff is a knowledgeable and experienced school psychologist with the necessary analytical skills for educational evaluation. “



Abbie Hernandez LSW, School Social Worker

Harrison SD #36


“Courtney was always made herself available to support our staff.” “I believe Courtney helped our parents to understand both the evaluation results and their child’s needs.”